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Ujigami™ is easy-to-use, universally accessible, comprehensive plant floor software that delivers the highest levels of quality and productivity, resulting in best performance for manufacturing and distribution.

What our customers are saying about Ujigami:

  • Highest Quality:
    "I can go home every night, knowing that we will only ship good parts to our customer."
    "In 6 years of using Ujigami, we have never shipped a wrong or defective part."
  • More Flexible:
    "Our previous system worked well, but every time we needed a change we had to get out our pocket book. Now I can use any web browser to make my own changes."
    "We really appreciate the ability to make improvements immediately - by ourselves or with Tutelar's assistance."
  • Faster:
    "The engineers from our parent company in Japan want to know how we access plant floor devices and historical data with no delay."
    "We were frustrated with the operator delays from our previous system when accessing or updating data. Even with years of data, Ujigami is instantaneous."

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