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White Papers

Ujigami PDMS Video - with Explanations

Ujigami PDMS Video - with Explanations 2018
Youtube video of Ujigami PDMS in action.
See Ujigami drive zero defect manufacturing.

Performance. Transparency. Traceability. Results. See how Ujigami delivers 100% outgoing quality for a Tier 1 Automotive supplier...

Levels of Mistake Proofing Levels of Mistake Proofing
We have extensive experience in implementing poka-yoke systems in manufacturing environments. Our team works with your organization to identify the processes or product features that require improvement, then work with you to design and implement appropriate solutions.

As shown in the Different Levels of Mistake Proofing chart below, we strive for all solutions..
APMA Magazine Article - Keeping

Keeping Lean - APMA Magazine
Rather than taking a tools-based approach, companies can see immediate and sustainable improvements by using a waste-directed approach to implement lean - change your equipment instead of trying to change your people.

Why are companies moving away from lean manufacturing? Is there a better path for...

Beyond Six Sigma Beyond 6 Sigma - Detroit ASQ Presentation
"My presentation, Beyond 6 Sigma, shows how you can take your organization to 100% outgoing quality.

This presentation with audio takes approximately 25 minutes to complete..."
Assembly Magazine Article - Do More With Less

Do More With Less - Looking Forward 2012
As we look forward to 2012, uncertainty continues to be on the minds of many. Continued global financial instability, rising energy prices, weak job creation, and the list goes on.

As customers look for better value, manufacturers must ensure product loyalty by...

APMA Thank You A Thank You from APMA (Automobile Parts Manufacturers Association)
On behalf of the APMA, may I express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for...
Assembly Magazine Article - How To Achieve Zero Defects

How To Achieve Zero Defects - Assembly Magazine 2013
Why lose customers due to poor quality?
Is there a better way to manufacture today?

Customers are demanding zero defects. Product quality has to be at the highest levels ever. Being "good enough" is no longer good enough...

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