Beyond Paper - Ujiboard World Class Manufacturing (WCM)

The Ujiboard World Class Manufacturing (WCM) system delivers core Lean Six Sigma tools to eliminate paper, engage your workforce, and drive Continuous Improvement. Built-in Industry 4.0 capabilities, automated alerts, and integrated IIoT make the Ujiboard World Class Manufacturing system the best choice for powerful management.

Ujiboards's comprehensive behavioral management suite, combined with industry leading connectivity and real-time monitoring, drives plant-floor collaboration and ensures your plant always operates at peak performance. Do more with less. No other plant floor system has the speed, capabilities and ease-of-use of Ujiboard.

Give us your toughest manufacturing challenges and see how Ujigami quickly creates a sustainable solution!

  • coordinate
  • control
  • report
  • manage
  • improve

Manufacturing Excellence: Engaged Workforce with Electronic Collaboration

Achieve immediate connection with your plant floor using Ujiboard collaboration software. Ujiboard browser-based software eliminates the chore of communicating and coordinating information on the shop floor, and simplifies receiving real-time production results. Real-time production scoreboards provide immediate feedback to operators and management. A typical implementation achieves a rapid 20% OEE improvement!

Complete OEE tracking and reporting, label printing, operator work instructions, inspection and startup checklists, hourly count boards, automated MRP backflush, scrap and downtime transactions, email and text alerts, Mean Time To Failure, Mean Time To Repair, and much more. Ujiboard WCM replaces paperwork with performance.

Ujiboard WCM delivers all the features and benefits to improve the success of your operation.

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