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Tutelar Technologies Inc.
Ujigami World Class Manufacturing

About Tutelar

 Mission Statement:

Enable our customers to create new intelligent production environments by providing knowledge-based, time-critical, active management of manufacturing processes, delivered by a creative, dedicated, cross-functional team of professionals.”

Complete Solutions & Services

Tutelar Technologies Inc. has been providing leading plant floor solutions for over 30 years.

We focus on four key areas to provide superior products and services for your manufacturing facility.

  • Ujigami™ Product Directed Manufacturing System - easily customized software that goes beyond error-proofing and creates an intelligent supervisory service between your manufacturing floor and management.

  • Plant Floor Error-Proofing Solutions - we design and implement enhanced error-proofing and mistake-proofing solutions to ensure 100% quality and improved productivity.

  • Installation Integration - our experienced team implements customized solutions for your facility, including training and third-party coordination.

  • Consulting Support & Service - our industry experts work with your staff to develop 'Best Practices' and institutionalize advanced quality and productivity systems.

By providing products and services that link your manufacturing processes to the requirements of the industry, we can accelerate your plant quality, productivity and responsiveness!

You get reliable application development using proven market-leading technology, coupled with a highly skilled, comprehensive support team that has the depth of knowledge to solve your challenges.

Tutelar Technologies Inc. is your one-stop source for all your plant-floor integration needs!

Let the Ujigami Guy take care of your business!
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